School Fetes



Our company can help you with all your needs for your next SCHOOL FETE. We can provide Marquee’s, Stages, Extra Toilets, Roving Entertainment, Carnival Food, Fire Works to your FANTASTIC MAJOR RIDES to smaller rides which move people through the event and make your day so much fun.


Before you get started, here are some questions to ask yourself…

“Are we going to have a Straight Hire Fete?”
This is where your school pays for rides, and then what ever money is made after that is in your schools pocket. You pay 25% deposit to hold the rides until your event, and then pay the remainder on the day after your event.


“Will we do a Percentage Fete to receive 20% of the money earned from the rides operator on the day”
A Percentage Fete. Please provide past information from a previous event attendance.


Past event information required:

  • What you sold Pre-sold armbands for and how many sold before the event?
  • What you sold on the day armbands for and how many did you sell on day?
  • What your single price rides where on the day and how many tickets sold?
  • Or if you have the amount the last operator gave to your school for event?

Then we can work out a package of rides for your school to the same amount of your previous event.

With Percentage Fetes you pay $500 deposit to hold rides for your event and this does come back to you on fair day so only a holding deposit.

Then it is up to your School to get those great pre-sold armbands sales happening before the event.

This is not hard to do as you start selling armbands 6 weeks out giving parents time to buy a few at a time if they have several children.



If we provide Food Tent (including Set of Clowns with fairy floss and sno cones), your school receives 20% of the days takings.

PLUS then you get!

4 Free Sideshow games for you to run on the day for 100% profit to your school:

Choices any of 4  following sideshow games:

  • Pitchburst Water Balloon Game – a great Dunk tank alternative! Get your teachers and principle drenched
  • Knockems
  • Milkcans
  • Trouble Horse Racing
  • Wak a Frog
  • Pick a Duck

wakafrog trouble Hourse Racing Game cointoss250 pickaduck250
Sideshow options – Subject to change without notice


Pre-sold Armbands $27 and on the day $35 single rides as above. We request that no other supplier of rides come into event without us knowing.

We will provide all tickets and armbands and run ticket box with help from the school which would be fantastic, we have nothing to hide


Food Van hire

We also have our own Food Van available to provide yummy school fete treats. If you want help run our food van, we can off 20% back to your school. You can never have too much food at your school fair. Our quick food service allows parents to return the rides with their kids. We also provide coffee and drinks. If your school is doing certain food we can look at. What we can provide as well, working as a team for the event.

PT food van

We provide Dagwood Dogs, Chips, Burgers, Nuggets, Fish, Coffee and Drinks!

Helps reduce what your school needs to provide on day!

Setting a Date

This is very important to get the right time of year to get the numbers into your event. I would look at the First Half of the year as this time is not as busy and second half of year is always full on. The weather in the first half of year is not as hot as well. But as most school do they go for second half of year and this is the time all the sporting events for breakup and games is on so think about this seriously.

Another thing to take in mind is that you can have a Friday Night Fete which is great as the school gets all day to prepare for it and if you end the night with fire works you will get more community people into your event as well 3pm to 8pm.

The standard day time fete Saturday or Sunday time is 10am to 3pm which is a full sunny day of 5 hours of fun as well. With most of these times we can come in the night before and setup rides to get the community into knowing an event is coming.

If you can give yourself and committee around 8-12 months to plan a fete this is the best time to make sure it’s a successful event. Plus you can let all the families know its going to happen in advance.

The way to get families knowing the fete is coming is to have bring in days each week. For them to bring in items for your event so the school makes 100% profit. EG: Dry foods for hampers, Lollies for prizes, Softdrinks and water, to serviettes!

Have Meeting to confirm date and then start to confirm jobs for your committee members. People to look after the following:

Rides and Amusements, Food Stalls, Entertainment, Sideshow stalls, Class Activity Stalls, Raffles, Armband Sales, Groundsman for event, Collection of items from the families for event, First Aid, and more!

Next meeting confirm rides and amusements for your event and then let the kids know through news letters and get the excitement happening.



Wet Weather Policy

This is always the biggest questioned ask by fete committee’s. What happens when wet weather. Well we give you a wet weather time for your event and that mostly depends on when the setup is starting. So say your event is Saturday 10am to 3pm we would give you a wet weather time of 6am on the day. But with Major rides usually we setup the day before, so could get the wet weather time as 6am the day before.

Please don’t worry about this as we will work close with your school to rebook a suitable date asap if the weather is really bad. Most times if a busy time of year we try to do the following Friday or weekend if possible so food can be kept. Some schools have split the event and had the food run on the day booked and then do rides when weather is better.

But be sure we will work together to get the best possible result for your school.



Party Time Amusements has full liability insurance for when the kids are on our rides at your event. All our staff have Bluecards and we are polite and friendly to all people on the day making it an enjoyable experience.