Laser Skirmish

Various locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Challenge yourself and your mates to a real life full on adrenaline packed Laser Skirmish adventure!

Just like your Xbox or PC game!

You chose your Laser Skirmish weapon and hunt out the enemy!

The Laser Skirmish guns are made to look real and feel like real weapons! Real weight, real scopes and realistic sounds!

No paint, no mess, no pain, just Laser Skirmish FUN!

You can play Laser Skirmish in school grounds and bushland around Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Terrorist vs counter Terrorist! COUNTER STRIKE LIVE!


  • Birthdays
  • Break ups
  • Team sports
  • Corporate days

Ages from 6 to 60 welcome.

The whistle blows and you run, heart pounding, adrenaline pumping through your veins, you dive for cover as you hear the enemy fire!

Rolling over You return fire and call to your team mates where the contact has been made.

Your target is somewhere up ahead, you muster your forces and start to work your way forward. You take your enemies out one after another. They are in full retreat, the sound of the battle an your cries for more effort is ringing in your ears. Your objective is so close now, sweating, heart barely in your chest.

One final effort and the prize is yours, up on your feet running forward! What Happened? I’m hit! See how good you are in the real world! We challenge you to get out from behind the screen and play Laser Skirmish with us.

Our experience in Laser Skirmish games has let us develop some great challenges and exciting missions. As we have different sessions for the Junior and senior players we ensure that you are challenged at every point of your Laser Skirmish game.

We have Laser Skirmish missions such as:

  • V.I.P. Rescue
  • Sniper
  • Attack
  • Bomb Strike
  • Traitor in Our Midst
  • Seize the Day
  • Many more