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Fireworks are conducted under strict safety guidelines by licensed staff. Our displays consist of finely choreographed fireworks displays to suit each location and circumstance. We provide “child friendly fireworks” complete with minimal noise and maximum colour as well as high density fireworks complete with hardcore maximum effect noise and power (such as your New Years Celebrations Fireworks).

Not only are our displays full of colour and excitement that won’t disappoint, we pride ourselves to work with a very reasonable budget.

The display will be specially choreographed into three sections. The beginning of the display will consist of large banging shells. This will really get the crowds attention.

The middle part of the display will consist of your more artistic type fireworks, fountains, tumble weed type fireworks, colourful stars shooting into the sky and more.

The final portion of the display will consist of huge banging shells exploding in the air, a fan shape of glittery shimmer, lighting the sky and an array of machine gun sounding lightning bolts filling the sky with bright flicks of coloured light.

This type of display will be suited for most events. However if are looking for something specific, we can arrange a meeting and discuss your requirements.

The quoted displays will be choreographed to suit your occasion and to comply with distance/ area requirements.

For Example:

An event such as Christmas Carols, this type of event will have family members of all ages. Therefore we may use different types of fireworks products such as Whistling Saturn Missiles, Gold to Silver Fountains, and Shimmering Fan Finale with Thunder Kings through to Special Effect Aerial Shells.

A family type display is choreographed to showcase our more artistic type of firework which the whole family can enjoy. The display finishes with the celebratory barrage of aerial shells.

A New Years Eve Display consists of hardcore fireworks made with maximum effect for colour and noise which is suited to the celebration atmosphere (hardcore all the way!).

Air Cannons

Streamers or Mega Flutter fired into the air from the air cannons add a surprise element as they are fired up skywards to flutter gently down. It creates an exciting and magical atmosphere.